Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city. Architectural monuments are under state protection. 2000 years ago, on the site of Terme Ptuj, there was the city of Poetovio, at that time one of the largest cities in the Roman provinces. Here a decision was made to enthrone a new ruler of the Roman Empire, which indicates the importance of this city.

On the last slope of the Slovenske Gorice, which stretches almost to the Drava River, a powerful fortress rises: the Ptuj Castle. Its strategically important position allowed it to control the plain far around, attracting settlers since ancient times. Archaeological finds testify to the first inhabitants of the Castle Hill as early as the Stone Age or the beginning of the Copper Age (about 2100-1750 BC). Remains of pottery and stone axes from this period are preserved in the archaeological collections of the Local History Museum of Ptuj.

Ptuj has long been known as a city of grapes and wine. The fertile soils of Haloze and Slovenske Gorice, temperate continental climate, favored the cultivation of vineyards on the hilly terrain along the Drava River in ancient times, when the lands of Ptuj were conquered by the Romans.

Wine has been stored in the wine cellars of Ptuj since 1917, and the oldest wine cellar that has survived to this day is located in the Minorite Monastery.

This city is the birthplace of Slovenian carnival Pust. Carnival with the famous Kurent masks takes place here every year. Kurent is a demon that comes out for Pust to scare away the winter. His costume is made of feathers, horns made of wood, wrapped in leather, and then decorated with ribbons or paper flowers. Covered in a coat of sheep skill with five cowbells tied around his waist. Always with high boots accompanied by red or green socks and a wooden club covered in hedgehog skin (ježevke) on the end.

Ptuj and its surroundings provide numerous opportunities for active pastime. Sports enthusiasts at Terme Ptuj will find a fitness center, a thermal park with pools and slides, an Olympic swimming pool, tennis courts (9 courts), mini-golf. Not far from the resort there is a modern golf course with 18 holes. Numerous water sports opportunities are also offered by Lake Ptuj and the Drava River, while the nearest sports airport provides adventures high above the ground.

The land, lying in the north-east of Slovenia, between vineyards and hilly fields, with its natural and geographical features and rich cultural heritage, can give tourists a lot of unforgettable experiences at any time of the year.

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Terme Ptuj
Terme Ptuj

Terme Ptuj is located on the right bank of the Drava River, just a 15-minute walk from the oldest Slovenian town. The Ptuj thermal baths are considere...