Thermana Laško

Thermana Laško

People have known about the mysterious healing properties of the thermal springs of Laško since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, locals, as well as missionaries, used the thermal springs. In 1854, at the site of the springs along the Savinja River, a prominent spa-resort dedicated to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I was built.

Laško is located right next to the Savinja River. Here, the Savinja Valley Here meets the diverse pre-Alpine Sava Hills and the Celje Basin. Laško is part of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, which is known for the springs of thermal-mineral waters. Thermana Laško is only 12km from Celje, the first nearby major town, to which cycling connections are provided. It is connected to the rest of Slovenia and the world with roads and rail routes.

Distances: Ljubljana – 90km; Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport – 93km; Maribor – 65km; Venice, Italy – 333km; Vienna, Austria – 320km; Zagreb, Croatia – 103km


Laško with an exceptional tradition and with the most up-to-date accommodation, bathing, health and wellness facilities. The healing water on which Thermana Laško services are based springs from a depth of 160 metres and has a temperature between 32 and 35°C. In addition to minerals, it is characterised by exceptional biofields. The healing water of the Roman baths with temperatures between 36 and 39°C comes from a depth of as much as 1,000 metres. The waters of Laško have been a source of health and well-being for centuries.


The mineral content shows that the Laško thermal water runs in the underground for longer periods of time, and on its way dissolves dolomite, calcium, magnesium and silica. The total mineralization of the water content (substances dissolved in water) is 278 to 295 mg / l, which ranks the Laško thermal water as a medium-mineralized water. Research carried out at the Institute Bion has shown that the Laško thermal water has a high quality bio field and this undoubtedly has a positive effect on the bio field of organisms, which is important for the regeneration and healing processes. The healing effect of the thermal water has been proven by many years of experience and works especially with slightly increased blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, chronic inflammation of the joints and spine and even with severe walking difficulties. The thermal water healing process consists of components such as learning to walk in the water, Kneipp paths, massages with water jets, pearl or Hubbard baths. The natural healing factor is the thermal water itself with temperatures between 32 and 34 °C, which with its soothing warmth relieves pain and enables easier movement. The composition of the Laško thermal water and the shape of its crystals suggests that  thermal water radiates strong life energy and has a positive effect on the body, works beneficially on the psyche and balances body and soul. Due to all its positive and stimulating properties, the Laško thermal water is highly recommend for drinking. Anyone can drink the thermal water at its own judgement. In terms of energy, it is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of water a day. The amount of water should be divided into smaller doses of 2 dcl throughout the day. Is recommend to drink small sips of water. Before swallowing, hold the water in your mouth for a while.


is one of the most modern centers for health tourism. It is based on the specialist knowledge and rich experience of recognized medical experts, as well as on the beneficial effects of our thermal water.


  • conditions after injuries and operations on the motoric system with functional loss,
  • degenerative joint and non-joint rheumatism,
  • neurological diseases, injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (including cerebral vascular intervention and neuromuscular disorders) and conditions after a stroke,
  • conditions after surgeries in the pelvic, testicles and chest,
  • skin diseases (psoriasis).

Health and Well-being Centre:

  • Classical and health massages, body care and facial care
  • Honey wellness
  • Baths for individual or romantic baths for two
  • Salt room for salt therapy
  • Swimming pool with countercurrent system

Thermal swimming pool

Feel the healing and mysterious power of thermal water and recharge your batteries in the thermal pool on a water surface of 619,50 m 2 .

Inside there are: • thermal pool • massage pool • children’s pool

The outdoor area offers: • thermal pool • café on the sun terrace (open seasonally).


Physiotherapy in Thermana Laško covers all classical procedures of balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, thermotherapy, phototherapy, hypobaric therapy, lymph drainage, massages, inhalations and special methods and techniques, carried out by therapists with special skills.

Individual concept, holistic treatment, competent and qualified physiotherapists and the latest technology - all in one place!

Accommodation options

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Thermana Park Laško Superior

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Hotel Zdravilišče Laško
Hotel Zdravilišče Laško


  • Health and Well-being Centre
  • Medical Centre
  • Thermal swimming pool an...